Eyes Ever Opening

Revelations in the Darkness Bright

Lowell, Massachusetts, United States
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Fairmont Elementary School - St. Peters MO (1979 - 1981)
Becky-David Elementary - St. Charles MO (1981 - 1984)
Hawthorn Elementary School - St. Peters MO (1984 - 1985)
Fort Zumwalt South Middle School - St. Peters MO (1985 - 1988)
Fort Zumwalt South High School - St. Peters MO (1988 - 1992)
University of Missouri - Columbia MO (1992 - 1993)
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ada lovelace, alice in wonderland, amtrak, android, astronomy, battlestar galactica, beading, birding, blue jays, boardwalk empire, bourke's parakeets, bowerbirds, brahman, budgies, burns, camelot, canada geese, candlemaking, captain jack harkness, cardinals, cats, cigars, cindytalk, civil liberties, clint catalyst, clouds, cockatiels, composting, contradictions, database design, databases, death, diy, doctor who, dollar coins, dreams, emma donoghue, english budgies, etymology, existence, firefly, florida, flowers, freestyle cooking, færies, gardening, god, gospel of thomas, green technologies, half dollars, haunted houses, hermes, history, homelessness, house sparrows, hybrid vehicles, icons, kairos, lake rain vajra, landscaping, lineolated parakeets, little blue herons, loki, love, lowell, luna, mark twain, massachusetts, mathematics, memetics, menotomy, mindfulness, mindware, mirrors, mulberries, multiplicity, music, new hampshire, nintendo 64, nonexistence, nothing, paradoxes, paris, peace, philosophy, photography, photoshop, physics, piano, politics, portsmouth, prime numbers, psychiatry, raccoons, radical acceptance, reality hacking, red-tailed hawks, reincarnation, religion, rock doves, saturday drives, scars, scrying, seamlessness, skunks, snow, sol, spirituality, splendid parakeets, spy pond, sql, squirrels, starlings, steven colbert, stream of consciousness, strings, stumbleupon, sunflowers, sunsets, synæsthesia, tags, tarot, tea, technological singularity, the all, the borgias, the daily show, the ineffable, the universe, thunderstorms, time, torchwood, transsexuality, travel, trees, true blood, united states of tara, unity consciousness, upanishads, vegetarianism, waves, wind, wish pods, wordpress, writing, yard sales, zebra finches, zero, π,
I am spiritual, creative, opinionated, geeky, eccentric, imperfect, and sometimes a bit random. I don't see the need for a long profile, there is enough about me in my journal.

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